How Are Compostable Carry Bags A Great Alternative For Plastic?

compostable grocery bags in India
What are the Common Advantages of Compostable Grocery Bags?
September 13, 2022
compostable carry bags in India

The widespread usage of plastic has made it challenging to increase the earth’s health and longevity; hence, signing up for an alternative is very important. The ultimate option we will be discussing today when it comes to replacing plastic, in general, is compostable carry bags. Hence, there is an underlying debate consistently. Did you know that we use around 5 million plastic bags annually, which is quite detrimental, right? However, today we are here to give you a basic understanding of why you should use compostable carry bags in India and how these are the best alternative to compostable bags. 

How is the Compostable Carry Bag a Better Option Than Plastic Bag?

Before you switch to the variant of compostable bags and start searching for the best compostable carry bags in India, the best thing to do is to have a good idea about the factors that make it a better option. Some of the primary reasons why you should make this switch are:

1. Less Toxicity:

None of us can deny that when it comes to plastic, the tons of toxicity that are produced are detrimental; hence, it could be pretty intimidating. However, when you opt-in for the more convenient compostable bags, the amount of toxicity produced is much less. You will see that plastic bags tend to put forward chemical leaching, which could be detrimental to the environment’s health and needs to be changed soon.  

2. Reduction of Carbon Footprint:

Biodegradable carry bags are composed of PLA, which saves two-thirds of energy compared to production plastic bags. In addition, compostable plastic bags release 70% fewer greenhouse gases when degraded in landfills. Also, bioplastic production does not include fossil fuels or any any-renewable resources responsible for carbon emissions, which again helps reduce carbon footprint. 

3. Reduction of waste and pollution:

Do you know that India produces 42 million tons of household waste annually, and kitchen waste accounts for 50% of it? Since compostable carry bags break down naturally over time, using the same can lead to a reduction in waste production, which ultimately means less waste in landfills. The decrease in waste saves the land in landfills, which further helps in preserving the planet. 

Additionally, the natural decomposition of compostable bags helps with pollution reduction, as no forced chemical reactions are induced. 

4. Durable:

And finally, we know that many people do not want to switch to compostable bags because they think they will not be durable. However, this is not the case, and the durability of compostable bags is quite equivalent to their plastic counterparts. 

If you are serious about making the shift, then the best thing to do is take the initiative right now and make the change you want. Feel free to contact us at Easy Flux today so we can provide you a better range of Eco friendly bags in india . As one of the best options for providing government-approved carry bags in Indiaan alternative to plastic, feel free to rely on us.

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