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Eco-friendly Bags on Rolls

Plastic pollution adversely affects ecology both on land and in water. It's time we stop using plastics and switch to smarter, non-plastic materials. Easy Flux Compostable Bag On Rolls helps you replace your Bags with a non-polluting option for your daily use Groceries which you take back with you to your home Which when put for composting completely degrades and leaves no trace materials. As the material is made from the derivatives of cornstarch, the entire bag is converted to compost.

Easy Flux Bag on Rolls comes in various sizes according to the usage with easy tearing option which are also known as perforated bags generally used by big supermarkets for your groceries/ vegetables and fruits!

Important Features :

  • Non Hazardous
  • Non-recyclable
  • Certified Compostable & Biodegradable
  • No Boundations for Microns
  • Easy Digestible for animals
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Decomposes fast in supporting Climatic conditions.
  • Organic colors are used for printing.

Uses :
Industrial use for utensil packagings/ Household use/ Daily use/ Supermarkets/ Hotels & Restaurants

Commonly Known as :
Kirana bags/ Perforated bags/ Easy tearing bags

Standard Microns : Min 20 – upto your Choices & Procurements.
  • Things to Remember : Pieces per kilogram depends on Sizes and microns collectively Example: higher the microns higher the strength and lesser The pieces/kg & Vice-versa.
  • Per Roll consistes of 100 nos. of pcs.

Shelf Life :
06 Months (Keep in dry & dark place)

Colors Available :
Milky White (Standard)/ Blue/ Green/ Yellow/ Pink/ Red/ Black/ Orange/ Purple.

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