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Easy-Flux bags are made from potato or corn starch and are certified compostable and biodegradable which has proven to be the best alternative of the normal plastic which does not depletes even in 300 years. Easy Flux polymers Pvt Ltd is certified by Central Pollution Control Board of India (CPCB) and manufactures as per IS/ISO 17088. Easy Flux bags can be used for daily basis chores and can be used by the shopkeepers, clothing stores, showrooms across all market places. They can be used in the households as well as factories, hotels and companies making it very convenient to use and handle your daily waste.

Taking this step of Manufacturing and supplying compostable bags, we have raised our hands against the plastic waste and took a step towards a clean, clear and a healthy environment and request and encourage you to do the same by using these 100% compostable products!!

100% Compostable

Made from Cornstarch

Easy-Flux 100% Compostable Garbage Bags are made from biodegradable polymers derived from cornstarch. These bags does not contain any form of plastic and are completely compostable.

Easy-Flux Bags when comes in contact with soil, starts composting and the entire bag is converted to compost in 180 days leaving no trace. This are not even harmful for the environment in any way as tested.



Biodegradable plastics take less time to break down
Biodegradable product and biodegradable bags take much less time to break down after being discarded, if they haven’t been recycled, of course.
Biodegradable product are renewable
Biodegradable plastics are made from biomass, which is a completely renewable resource.

Biodegradable product are good for the environment
Biodegradable product are much better for the environment, because there is no harm done to the earth when recovering fossil fuels.
Biodegradable product require less energy to produce
Biodegradable product need less than half the energy to produce than their non-biodegradable counterparts.

Biodegradable product are easier to recycle
Biodegradable plastics are created from materials that are fully biodegradable. This means that they can break down much faster and recycling them takes less energy.
Biodegradable product are not toxic
Traditional plastics are full of harmful by-products and chemicals, which are released during their breakdown process. Biodegradable product are completely safe and do not have any chemicals or toxins.

Biodegradable product reduce dependence on foreign oil
The use of biodegradable product will decrease the country’s dependence on other countries for fossil fuels

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