What are the Common Advantages of Compostable Grocery Bags?

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April 20, 2020
compostable carry bags in India
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September 30, 2022
compostable grocery bags in India

Lately, compostable bags have been stealing the limelight among carry bags for all the good reasons. One top reason to use these bags is – as they break down, they don’t harm the environment. 

Many people ask that is plastics are compostable. Well, the answer is no. However, there are also compostable plastics available in the market. They are made up of specialized enzymatic or some chemicals that lead them to break down once it comes in contact with air and sun. Regular plastic is made with chemical fillers that are not good for the environment as they don’t decompose for hundreds of years, and when they are burnt, they release harmful gases.

You will be surprised to know that 31 million tons of plastic are used annually, and only 8% of it is recycled. The rest of the dumped plastic waste clogs into waterways and landfills, which ruins the environment.

Every one of us should opt for compostable plastic; there are lots of benefits to using it. Here in this piece, we will discuss the advantages of compostable grocery bags in India.

Reasons to Opt for Compostable Bags 

1. Less Carbon Emission:

Regular plastic releases around four tons of carbon emissions, whereas compostable plastics, emit nearly 0.8 tons of carbon. Along these lines, they guarantee the negligible measure of fossil fuel by products up high during the time spent assembling.

2. Waste Reduction: 

Using compostable bagswill also help reduce waste. You might not know, but general plastic makes up more than 13% of the trash compared to compostableones. With time compostable bags easily break down, but, in general, plastic does not. Using compostable grocery bags means you are saving land for several purposes.

3. Recyclable: 

Compostable grocery bags recycle efficiently in less time and don’t release harmful chemicals or elements. On top of that, they can be recycled into any other things and can be used again. However, regular plastic is also recyclable, but the procedure includes releasing toxic elements unsuitable for the environment.

4. Source Reduction: 

When you opt for compostable grocery bags in India, you save petrol too. Now, you must be thinking, how? Well, significantly less petroleum is used to manufacture compostable plastic. At the same time, traditional plastic consumes 2.7% of a country’s petroleum which is too much. Compostable or compostable bags are made using orange peels, corn, plants, starch, or switch grass. And its manufacturing requires significantly less amount of energy.

5. Non-toxic: 

Compostable grocery bags are safe and non-toxic during their breakdown stage. They are easily absorbed by the soil. At the same time, the traditional plastic decomposition stage is very toxic.


So, these are some of the advantages of using compostable grocery bags for everyday use. All other countries have switched to using compostable bags by knowing their benefits. We should also opt for compostable grocery bags in India made by a top manufacturer, like Easy Flux, so our environment can be retained as it is for generations to come.

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